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How caffeine wakes you up
  • Stomach - stimulates acid production.
  • Blood……..Transports caffeine to organs.
  • Heart……Higher pulse.
  • Brain……Stimulates by replacing the brain’s own slow-down chemical.
  • Effect- Alertness, concentration. Constrains blood vessels to the brain.
  • Effect- Helps migraine headache.
  • Lungs……Relaxes involuntary muscles.
How caffeine wakes you up
  • Effect- Helps asthma
  • Muscles…..Stimulates voluntary muscles for higher performance.
  • Kidneys…..Stimulates urine production.
  • Intestines….Relaxes involuntary muscles….such as in colon.
  • Peak effect: 15 to 45minutes.
  • Total effect: 2 hours generally

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